Ready stock icons and custom icon design

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Our icon collections are especially designed to be used in a variety of commercial works, development projects, and websites. Our icon collection contains more than 500 unique icons and the number is rising daily.

Save time and money! Our collection is differentiated into icon sets which are oriented at well-defined types of operations: text processing, work with tables, database work and so on. There is no need to pay for a big assortment of icons that you will never use. Buy only icons that you need!

By buying our stock icons you:

Reduce your development and design time. Our icons are ready for use immediately after registration.
Reduce your development and design costs. You can buy 30 professional icons with free upgrades here at the same price it would cost you to develop two.
Receive your icons already converted into the most used graphic formats so as to be instantly used in your own environment.
Receive free email support.
Receive free upgrades for all stock icons purchased.
Receive icons designed by a professional team of designers